The Way We Lived in North Carolina

his series of maps appears in the book version of The Way We Lived in North Carolina.

The maps are offered here in GIF and PDF formats.

Note: PDF maps are large files suitable for printing.

Migration Routes of the First Americans - PDF
The Roanoke Voyages - PDF
The Albemarle Region - PDF
The Tuscarora War - PDF
The Cape Fear Region - PDF
Plantations of the Lower Cape Fear - PDF
The Great Wagon Road - PDF

The Middle Passage - PDF
Principal Towns by 1820 - PDF
The American Revolution - PDF
The Dismal Swamp Canal - PDF

Slave Population by 1860 - PDF
Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations - PDF
Railroads Principal Lines by 1890 - PDF
Gold Mining - PDF
The Civil War - PDF
Battle of Bentonville - PDF

Textile Mills - PDF
Spencer Shops N.C. Transportation Museum - PDF
The Election of 1900 - PDF
African American Educational Progress - PDF

Research Triangle Park - PDF
The Blue Ridge Parkway - PDF
World War II - PDF
Charlotte: Growth by Annexation - PDF
Highways, ca. 1924 - PDF

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